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CRUD Operations in Entity Framework and ASP.NET MVC

Last Updated: March 11, 2017

crud operations in entity framework and asp net mvc

CRUD Operations are the basic things when performing database operations. You can insert a record then read, edit or delete it from the database. If you want to learn how to use Entity Framework for database operations in ASP.NET MVC website then this tutorial is going to help you a lot. So let’s start with it.

Create Database Table and Stored Procedures

The database table where this information is inserted is the Student table. (more…)

How to Create a Web Scraper in ASP.NET MVC and jQuery

Last Updated: February 9, 2017

web scraper

A Web Scraper is a software that helps in extracting data from websites. They can be use to extract typical information like emails, telephone numbers, addresses, etc from different URL. This extracting technique is also known as Data Harvesting. I created this tutorial to teach how to create your own Web Scraper in ASP.NET MVC and jQuery. This Scraper will extract all emails and telephone numbers from a specified URL and show them in a HTML div control. (more…)

Populate MVC Dropdownlist With Dynamic Values

Last Updated: October 8, 2016 mvc dropdownlist

Sometimes it our ASP.NET MVC application it becomes necessary to populate dropdown with dynamic values such as from the database. So here in our controller we can create a list object of type ‘SelectListItem’, fill it with values and send this object to our view using ‘ViewBag’ property. (more…)