ASP.NET Core Identity

ASP.NET Core Identity is a .NET API through which we can make login functionality in our App. Besides this Identity helps to manage users, passwords, roles, policies, tokens, claims, profiles, authorization and authentication.


ASP.NET Core Identity typically uses a SQL Server database to store user names, passwords, and profile data. Alternatively, another persistent store like MongoDB, Azure Table Storage, can also be used for storage.

What we can do with ASP.NET core Identity

With ASP.NET Core Identity we can:

  1. Create Authentication feature i.e. Registration / Login / Logout features in our app. New users can register to the app and already registered users can login with their email address and password. Logged in users can log out from the app.
  2. Create Authorization feature i.e. we can define which areas of the app are accessible to which users and non-accessible to which users. We call this by the name of Role Management of users.
  3. Create Profile management for registered users in the app.
  4. Create Claims and Policies in the app. This is basically done to specify what users are allowed to do after authentication to the app and what requirements are needed for accessing a given area of the app.
  5. Create 3rd party login feature like login through Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Twitter.

Besides all this we can modify Identity features in the way we want. For example we can change the registration feature for new users to have a strong passwords, allowing only a given type of email address like, add 2 factor authentication, password reset, user lockout and so on.

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