What Is SSL Certificate – A Tutorial for Beginners to fight against Internet Forgery

What Is SSL Certificate – A Tutorial for Beginners to fight against Internet Forgery

SSL is also known as Secure Socket Layer. A SSL certificate is a digital certificate to stop forgery and data theft on the internet. To better understand what it really is?, you much first understand how forgeries and data thefts are done on the internet.

Internet is an open source of information where people look for information, buy products, do business deals and every other thing you can imagine. It is a boon for us but also has some problems which can bring all sort of troubles to us.

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It is just like an open-endless road full of all types of people who may be either good or bad. The good ones are good but the bad ones can give you all sort of problems. They can steal your money or wallet, by force or by fooling you is some way or the other.

In the internet world the bad people can steal your personal information, bank account details, credit card information and other digital data.

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How Theft is done on the Internet

In internet a theft is done by a person who pretends to be good but has some bad motive. He may pretend to be a businessman and needs your help to sell his products. You will be prompted to sign into his website, the sign up form will have common details to fill like name, email, mobile number, Credit Card number and its CVV code.

Trusting him, you fill all the information including your Credit card number and then submit the form. The next hour you find your money is stolen from the credit card.

The other type of theft is done when you are logging on some website to pay for products. Your login information, credit card number is send to the website in the form of data packets. Their route is telephone lines or wireless connections which connect your computer with the internet.

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Now a bad person can steal the packets in the middle and read your data inside these data packets and get your information.

There are many more methods like phishing, man in the middle, virus, malicious code injection, etc through which theft is done in the internet. You can learn more about them by Googling them.

Get Security Through SSL Certificate

SSL certificate do two main things – authenticates the identity of the website you are using and encrypts the information shared between you and the website.

Thus they gives an extra layer o security to the websites and also encrypts all the data packets sent from your computer to their website. Due to this, if someone get your data packets, he has no chance of reading anything stored in them.

Testing SSL Certificates

It is easy to check whether a website is using SSL certificate or not. Just see the URL of the browser window, you will see https which signifies the presence of SSL certificate.

Web browsers also show lock icon or a green bar on the left section of the URL area signifying that the connection is secured with an SSL certificate.

The given 2 images explain this thing:

ssl-certificate-connection ssl-certificate

Advantages Of SSL Certificate

Websites using SSL certificates can gain their customer trust and satisfaction.

A customer, who sees a SSL certificate in a website, considers the website a good and trustworthy source. Ecommerce area widely uses SSL certificates to secure their customer information and Credit cards numbers. All major ecommerce websites like ebay, amazon, flipkart, etsy, etc uses the SSL certificates.

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Types of SSL Certificate

There are two major types of SSL certificates – Standard and Premium. Premium has more extensive validation procedure than a standard one, and therefore is a little more costly than them.

All SSL certificates come with a warranty with lies in the range of $100,000 to $1,000,000.

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