Top 5 Websites to Create Quality Backlinks to Your Site

Top 5 Websites to Create Quality Backlinks to Your Site

Many of the new websites often struggle to gain traffic from the web and eventually die out. This is because they do not have backlinks to their site. Creating quality backlinks to your site will always give a huge boost to its SERPS Rankings and therefore traffic from search engines will rise exponentially.

What are Backlinks and the Benefits they Provide

Backlinks are just normal links to your site, located in some other website. For example CNN publishes a story of a Home Based Business making Handmade Scarves in its website. They also give a link of the owner’s website. Thus the owner’s website will have a backlink created by CNN.

Taking the above example, this backlink will provides traffic in 2 ways –
1. People visiting the story in CNN’s website may click the link and visit the Home based business website.

2. Finding a link in CNN’s website, search engines will increase the SERPS rankings of the home based businesses website. This will result in traffic rise.

It should also be noted that you get good benefits when you create backlinks of higher quality. They are those which are made in high quality websites.

Since not everyone can have a backlink in CNN’s website therefore I share with you 5 high quality website where you can create backlinks and increase your website rankings. Below section has this list for you.

Top 5 Websites to Create Quality Backlinks

Quora is a massively popular “Question and Answer” website and receives over 100 million monthly visits from around the world. In this website you can get answers of each and every question which you can imagine, like –

“how to bend a football like beckham?”
“What difference is there between Bible stories and children’s stories?”
“How do I make ayurveda medicines?”
“How to learn pottery?”
“how to make computer games?”

Both questions and answers can be submitted by anyone. Since there are no moderation rules, questions and answers are displayed right away.

In the below picture see how a person has created a backlink while answering a question on Pancakes.

backlink created in quora

I advise you to answer the question in the best manner as possible and avoid answering just for the sake of making a backlink. Good answer gets “Up votes” by other members and are shown on the top resulting in more views.

Reddit is a high traffic discussion based website allowing people to submit links or text post. It is in the top 50 websites lists and gets close to 25 million monthly visits globally and you definitely don’t want to lose a share from it.

The best thing about Reddit is that unlike other websites which are controlled by moderators and editors, Reddit is controlled directly by its users. They up vote or down vote the links and are very active in catching spam links.

At first you might say it looks ugly but its functionality is just great. You will soon become a fan of it.

Always submit your links to only related categories (known as subreddit). The key to get good response from reddit uses is by submitting high quality links only. The more up-votes your link get the more it will be shown to the users.

See how an iPhone 6 Plus link got 266 votes. It could have easily fetched them over 2000 visits.

reddit votes for links

HubPages is a highly popular revenue-sharing website. You can submit any type of articles which are known as “Hubs”. The website generates revenue from the hubs in 2 ways –

1. By showing online advertisements in the hubs.

2. Through eBay and Amazon affiliate programs. That is – it shows Amazon and eBay product in the hubs.
HubPages share the revenue with the hub owners in 60-40 ratio. 60% for hub owner and 40% there’s.

You can add one or two links to your site in your hub. The article acceptance is very high in HubPages so you can quickly get good number of links to you site. All you have to do is write some good quality articles in any subject and submit them for inclusion.

backlinks in hubpages

Another top name in article submission websites is that of EzineArticles. It is a major competitor of Hubpages and also generates a lot of traffic.

Nearly all webmasters submit articles in this website in exchange of getting backlinks to their websites. You should not miss an opportunity to get a backlink to your site from here.

The submitted articles are thoroughly checked by their Editors for quality before inducted then into the website. The article acceptance rate is lower than HubPages, therefore submit only high quality articles.

backlinks in ezinearticle

Pinterest is a social network where people share and discover great Visual contents from around the world. With an Alexa rank of 32 and over 100 million monthly active user base, the backlinks created here has a very high value. The best way to make a backlink in Pinterest is by creating a Board and then adding your links (known as pins) into it.

Submitting catchy and attractive pictures is a mantra to grab user’s attention and will increase your follower’s base. Users also re-pins your pins in their own boards and this make your pins to reach more and more users of Pinterest.

backlinks in pinterest

Making backlinks in these 5 website will affect your SEO and rankings in a great manner. I recommend not to limit yourself only to these and try making backlinks in other websites that get top 10 ranks in SERPS for high volume keywords.

I advise you to use SEMrush SEO Tool to find out where your competitors are making links and then you can do the same for your website too. SEMrush will alert you in case any toxic backlink links your website.

It is better to make 1 backlink in a high quality website than 100 backlinks in low quality websites. Comment and share with our viewers about the effect of backlinks in your ranking.

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