What is SEO and learn the basic things to Optimizing a website

What is SEO and learn the basic things to Optimizing a website

Most of the website owners tend to be afraid with SEO. They think it as something which is very professional, technical and will go off their head. That’s the reason why they won’t even try to look into the basics of SEO and never try to optimize their website.

Well it’s all going to change after you have read this article as we will tell you some of the most powerful SEO basics which will help you optimize your website without taking the help of an SEO professional.

What is SEO, Exactly?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization a process by which you can optimize a website to have:

  • 1. Superb user experience.
  • 2. Excellent communication with search engines so that they can reference your website, for people doing searches.

How to Increase User Experience?

Consider yourself going to a restaurant for your dinner. What will be your expectations? It would be the good quality and good taste of food, fast service also needed. In the same way when a visitor visits your website, he expects the information, which he gets from your website, to be good quality and the website should load fast.

How to do Duplicate Content Check in your website so that your content remains fresh always.

For increasing user experience you should put superb content on your website. So that people get proper information about what they are looking for. Never put unnecessary or misleading information – like putting painting jobs information in a web page which tells about food recipes.

Users love to spend more time on website which also has multimedia things like colorful related images & videos.

Give information to related contents at the end of each page.

Do not skip mobile and tablets views of your website. It is very necessary that your website looks good on all platforms – pcs, laptops, tablets and smart phones.

Bootstrap is a great tool that makes website design look excellent on every platform – pc, tablets, phones. To learn more about Bootstrap check what is bootstrap article for full info.

Targeting Search Engines

Search engines give preference to websites that providing good user experience. At the same time search engines also looks into other website for links to your website.

  • Keyword Planning: It all starts with planning keywords for your website. People search by putting keywords or phrases on search engines. If they do not see your website there, then it is a problem. Work closely with your business model before planning your keywords. For example if your business model is about selling used cars then your keywords would be sell used cars, buy used cars, used cars detroit, etc. Not something like cheap cakes, bike ride, etc. We advise you to use Ubersuggest tool for it.
  • Link Building: It becomes important that you make some links to your website by sharing your website pages and content on Social Media websites like facebook, twitter, pinterest, reddit, tumblr and few others at least. Don’t forget to place keywords into these promotions.
  • Meta Data: All pages in your website should have unique title tags and meta description. They should be specifically to the page and formatted correctly. Do not do keywords stuffing, do your best to entice the reader so they want to click and read more.
  • Domain Name: Use short domain names which are easy to remember and may contain at least one main keyword. If you are buying old domain from someone make sure the domain is not blacklisted or penalized by search engines. To find if it is penalized or not, put its name on Google Search. If you see the domain on the result then it is not penalized else there is a problem.


I hope this tutorial helps you to understand What is SEO?, and you can use the points which I have mentioned on this article, to make your website great for your visitors. Do check my other SEO article for learning advanced topics on SEO.

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