How to Create Excellent Website for Classroom Projects

How to Create Excellent Website for Classroom Projects

Nowadays, so much of our lives take place online, it’s crucial that education offers students the opportunity to hone their digital skills. In classrooms all across Canada, more and more teachers are acknowledging the importance of bringing online literacy into the education system. This is creating a future generation with an unparalleled talent for creating online content.

One of the most basic, yet most crucial online literacy skills for students to develop is building and designing a website. Nowadays having an online presence is key to staying relevant, and so just about every company, project, or event will find itself in need of a webpage. Creating a website by oneself saves a lot of time and money by cutting out the middleman of a trained web designer.

Learning how to build a website may at first seem like a daunting task, but in fact it’s far easier than one might imagine! Sprouting from homework assignments and lessons in the classroom, the number of student created websites is growing at an ever-increasing rate. Here are some of the skills, projects, and tools most often implemented in web design projects for high school students!


Building a website requires students to draw upon a whole host of different skills that will prove useful for the future!


 A large part of web design requires the use of coding and programming. Learning how to code and utilize different programming languages requires a degree of mathematical thinking. Web design does not usually use incredibly difficult mathematics, so math-averse students shouldn’t shy away from the numbers-side of designing a website. Simply paying attention and putting effort into math class and homework papers should provide the necessary math skills for programming.

Students who find dealing with math and numbers particularly challenging needn’t fear engaging with website building projects. Particularly for high school students in Canada, there’s plenty of math help services available online. Getting help from experts to improve your mathematics skills will turn web programming into a walk in the park!


It’s important to remember that building a website is called web design for a reason! There’s a huge amount of creativity that goes into building a website. While numbers and code may be the foundations of a website, the most important thing for your audience will be how beautiful and easy to navigate they find a visit to your website.  Creating a high-quality interface that’s easily navigable for your audience is a key creative skill that you can harness and develop through building custom websites for school projects! 

Project ideas

Those wishing to delve into the world of web design can use these website project ideas for students to find inspiration for their next site!

         Online shop: Creating an online shopping platform is a great way to combine learning web design with creating a successful business model! Every commercial venture needs an online vending platform nowadays, so learning how to build an online shop is sure to come in handy in the future!

         Blog: Blogging is one of the most popular ways for young people to post and consume their entertainment. Creating a blog for you or your classmates is a great lesson in building and maintaining an audience.

         Portfolio: Creating a portfolio is without a doubt one of the best website ideas for students. It’s the perfect way to show off your work and your talent, all while developing your web-design skills. The options for what you can display on your portfolio are endless – designs, artwork, writing samples – the choice is yours! 


There are many services available that can help students begin to create custom high-quality websites. Wix, Squarespace, and WordPress are some of the most popular web design tools utilized by students. Once students master basic web design through these tools, it becomes a lot easier to delve into the programming side of things.

Luckily, tons of online courses and tutorials are available that break down coding and web programming into bitesize lessons. By combining design tools with programming resources, students can become web design experts in no time – and all for free!  

As more and more of life is carried out online, having a well-designed website is becoming key to success in school, business, and beyond. By getting a head start on learning web design while still in school, you can be sure to graduate well ahead of the curve and guarantee yourself future success!


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