Free Web Hosting for Students: Pros and Cons

The Internet is an amazing source of knowledge, learning, entertainment, and so on. Every user can find something special to satisfy his/her needs. Thus, many students use the Internet to achieve certain goals. Young people feel important to express themselves on the Internet. It can be done thanks to writing blogs, comments, posting images and videos, etc. This activity helps to relieve some pressure, find friends, overcome some problems, and so on. One of the good ways to use the World Web is to create free web hosting.

Joan Young, an expert academic writer, and blogger from AdvancedWriters, knows a lot about the issue of free web hosting among students. It has both pros and cons and the expert shares her opinion: “Free web hosting is a perfect method for students to establish their presence online because youngsters don’t have to pay anything for that. In the meanwhile, it likewise has certain drawbacks and young people should be aware of them to avoid possible issues”. Our informative guide sheds more light on the pros and cons of free web hosting for students.


Firstly, we want to focus on the benefits students can reap. They may be important for their life and education. Let’s check them here below.

No Fees Charged

The most obvious benefit of free websites is their cost. They are cost-effective because you don’t have to spend a dollar on them. You’ll be offered a VPN service to make your actions free of charge. Every student can sign up for a definite service, which provides free hosts. You’ll have many options to follow your goals – blog writing, posting images and videos, writing helpful articles, finding friends or partners, etc. Everything can be customized according to your preferences.

Establishing New Relationships

Of course, every student can use free hosting for acquiring new knowledge. You can easily build a strong network to establish friendly and business relationships and learn more things about learning or the spheres you’re interested in. They may help to find a good job in the future. Besides, the newly acquired knowledge can be used in writing academic assignments

Being Helpful

Many students prefer to become bloggers. It means a person writes blogs, stories, scientific articles that are dedicated to a certain topic. They disclose a problem and offer a solution. Thus, bloggers help other people and feel they are useful and needed.

The Possibility to Express Oneself

Students are commonly burdened with many things. They are afraid of being misunderstood, not accepted by their peers, go through an academic failure, etc. Blog writing helps them to put off some steam. When they write, they delve into another world that carries away all their fears and worries. In fact, many psychotherapists prescribe writing or journaling. It’s a good way to overcome mental problems.

Development of Academic Skills

When students use free web hosts, they commonly prefer blog activity. Accordingly, they regularly sharpen their writing, editing, grammar, and critical skills. Moreover, they also train research and problem-solving skills. Before they post an article, they ought to conduct in-depth research to be sure their tips are helpful.

Expanding Your Horizons

Students also learn new things and can become experts in various disciplines, which are important for their academic progress. They begin with one topic and when they master it, bloggers move on to other interesting fields. Thus, they popularize their blogs and become famous. Some bloggers can earn a lot if they know how to promote their blog posts.

Students also expand their active vocabulary that helps to write top-quality essays. They familiarize themselves with different industries. Accordingly, they ought to master specific terms, jargon, and slang.


Now the time has come to check drawbacks. Free web hosts can induce certain problems or become inconvenient. We will discuss them as well.

Complex URL

One of the most uncommon cons is the name of your domain. As you have a limited choice, your address will be long and unattractive. You’re dependent on the main website that provides you with a free alternative. It may contradict the aims of website owners. Such addresses are hard to verbalize and memorize.

Poor SEO

The aim of all web owners is to become independent. They want to become popular and use search engine optimization (SEO) to reach that objective. However, their free host is bound to the main platform that has provided the domain. Accordingly, your personal blog won’t be visible in search results.

Limited Options

Another crucial drawback is feature restrictions. The design may be limited to a certain structure that isn’t attractive and which lacks vital buttons, icons, images, etc. We all know that most users select websites that are appealing to the eye. They will omit too simple blogs. Of course, you may hire a web designer or buy templates. Nevertheless, you’ll have to spend money. It makes little sense in owning a free host in such a situation. Among other limits are poor customer support, too many advertisements, limited speed, etc.

Possible Learning Distraction

Some people don’t realize that their blogging activity may be negative for academic results. This disadvantage involves any sort of blogging – paid and free. Students get almost engulfed by their blogging activity and give little heed to learning. As a result, their academic progress decreases.

If you own a free web host, you can reap multiple benefits. It’s quite easy to create a private website. You should simply find a good platform. Pay attention to storage, functions, speed, reputation, etc.

In the meanwhile, it’s not always good to have a free host. Certain peculiarities may lower your enthusiasm. Different restrictions or annoying advertisements may get on your nerves quite fast. Therefore, you’d better weigh all the advantages and disadvantages before you even start owning a free web host. Draw the right conclusions to be correct.


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