How to manage Pages in WordPress – Add, Edit & Delete procedure

How to manage Pages in WordPress – Add, Edit & Delete procedure

The most important thing in WordPress is to manage Pages. You can create unlimited pages in WP and put your contents on them. For example, you can have pages like Home, About, Contact, Services etc. This Tutorial will teach everything about how to work with WordPress Pages, so stay tuned.

Adding a Page in WordPress

The WordPress dashboard allows you to create unlimited pages in your website. In your dashboard go to Pages > Add New, then you will be taken to Add New Page area. Here enter your page title, description and finally click ‘Publish’ button to add this new page to your website.

If you want to schedule the publishing date of your page then click the Edit link that lies besides the text Publish immediately. You can also preview how the page looks by clicking on Preview button, or save the page as a draft by clicking the Save Draft button.

Adding Media in the Page

Media which is in the form of images, videos, pdf files, word files, etc can be added by clicking the Add Media button given over the large description text box.

On clicking it, an Insert Media window opens, through this window you can either Upload Files or select new files from the Media Library. Finally click Insert into page button to add the media to your page.

Add New Page

Add New Page

Adding Description

There are 2 ways to add page description:

a. Visual

In Visual way you will see some of WordPress styling button like ‘bold’, ‘italic’, ‘strikethrough’, ‘ordered list’, ‘unordered list’, ‘link’, etc. Though Visual method you cannot see how the HTML tags are formed, neither you can add other HTML tags like div, paragraph, table, etc.

b. Text

In Text way you can add any type of HTML tag. This is helpful if you want to create the page description design using HTML tags.

Check this related tutorial which explains how to make free image sliders with Meta Slider plugin.

Page Attributes

There are 3 page attributes to set:

a. Parent

Allows setting the parent page of the current page.

b. Template

Allows choosing the template of your page. All page templates available in your theme will be shown here.

b. Order

Allows setting the page order as a number. This helps in displaying the pages in the ascending order.

Different Sections of Pages in WordPress CMS

Different Sections of Pages in WordPress CMS

Editing WordPress Pages

To edit a page first click the Pages > All Pages link. Here you will see list of all the pages your WordPress website has. Simply click on the page name which you want to edit. The page will open for editing.

After you are done with editing, click the Update button to save it.

Editing Pages in WordPress

Editing Pages in WordPress

Deleting WordPress Pages

Click the Pages > All Pages link, in the pages list move your mouse over the page name which you want to delete. You will see a Trash link, click it to delete the page.

You can increase the traffic to your website by optimizing the various areas like meta description, content, title and more. You can understand all these by reading the tutorial on SEO Terms that covers all of these things in details.

To delete more than one page at the same time, select the checkbox in front of the pages then in the Bulk Actions list select Move To Trash, and click the Apply button.

Deleting a Single Page

Deleting a Single Page


Deleting Many Pages Together

Deleting Many Pages Together

Showing WordPress Pages in Menu

If you theme supports custom menu then you can add your pages to the custom menu from the Appearance > Menus section. You can create new menus, drag and drop pages to them, change their positions and select theme locations.

Setting WordPress Home Page

To set WordPress Home Page in your Website, go to Settings > Reading area. Here, for the option Front page displays, select the option A static page (select below). Then you can select the Front Page and Posts page. This is shown by the below image:

Setting WordPress Home Page

Setting WordPress Home Page

Note that the Front page option is for selecting WordPress Home Page.

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