How to Install WordPress in your Web Hosting Account with Steps & Pictures

How to Install WordPress in your Web Hosting Account with Steps & Pictures

If you are looking to Install WordPress in your Web Hosting Account then this is the tutorial which you should read.

I’m going to show you the steps to install WordPress, and that to with Pictures. The process is easy and takes just a few seconds to complete.

Install WordPress Step-by-Step

These steps to install WordPress works in each and every hosting. Here I am Installing a fresh copy of WordPress to my hosting Account in YogiHosting. If you are looking for WordPress Hosting then YogiHosting provides one of the world’s best WordPress hosting at cheapest price.

So let’s get started with the steps.

Do you want to add high level security to your site free of charge? Then the answer is CloudFlare, check this tutorial – how does ClouldFlare works.
Step 1:

First log on to your YogiHosting Account and reach My Account page. In this page you will see Web Hosting option. Click the Plus sign in front of it, and that will open it.

open web hosting

Step 2:

Next click the Manage button given on the right side to your hosting’s name.

manage web hosting

Step 3:

You will reach cPanel, there click on the WordPress icon.

wordpress in cpanel

If you want to add eCommerce functionalities in your WordPress site then install the WooCommerce plugin. Check this tutorial on How to Install WooCommerce to make your site eCommerce ready.
Step 4:

Now you will reach the Installatron Applications Installer page, and this page shows WordPress description and install this application button.

Click this button, and that will take you to the last step of WordPress Installation Procedure.

install wordpress

Step 5:

You will reach a WordPress Configuration page where on the top, you will be asked to Select your Domain, to where WordPress will be installed.

select domain where WordPress will be installed

On the Settings Area give the following values:

  • a. Administrator Username – any name you want as the username.
  • b. Administrator Password – the password through which you will access the WordPress CMS.
  • c. Administrator Email – your email address.
  • d. Website Title – the title of your website.
  • d. Website Tagline- the tagline of your website.
You can increase the traffic to your website by optimizing the various areas like meta description, content, title and more. You can understand all these by reading the tutorial on SEO Terms that covers all of these things in details.

wordpress settings

Click the Install button given at the bottom, and the WordPress installation process will start.

It usually takes just a few seconds to install WordPress.

Also have a look on our How to Install WordPress tutorial which also explains Manually Install WordPress using FTP and installing it in Local PC.
Once WordPress is installed, just open your domain in your browser:
  • Eg
  • WordPress CMS

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