How to use Meta Slider To Create Image Slides In WordPress

How to use Meta Slider To Create Image Slides In WordPress

All the best websites have two important things which are –

  • a) They are beautifully designed.
  • b) They have great contents.

Images play important part in giving the necessary beauty to your website. Images can be used together to create Slideshows, which gives stunning effects. In this article I will talk about a Free WordPress Slider which you can use to create powerful slideshows in your website.

This slider is none other than Meta Slider, and you can download them from

Features of Meta Slider

1. Easy to use and integrate in your website. Create as many slideshow as you want. Easy to call slideshows in a page with just a shortcode.

2. A number of stunning effects are available. You can also put youtube, vimeo videos in the slides.

3. Works smoothly with all WordPress websites. It is responsive in nature and works perfectly in all size screens of PCs, smartphones and tablets. Intelligent image cropping system lets no image lose its beauty in different screen size.

4. It is a jQuery Slider and is free to use.

Creating First Slideshow in Meta Slider

1. Click on Meta Slider in your WordPress Dashboard.

Creating Your First Slideshow In Meta Slider Creating Your First Slideshow In Meta Slider

2. Then click Create your first slideshow.

3. Click Add Slide button to start the process of adding images to the slideshow.

There is another image slider which is called Slider Revolution. It is excellent in making animation effects in slides.

4. On the right area, you can select the slider type, from Flex Slider, R. Slides, Nivo Slider, Coin Slider. Similarly you can set the width and height in pixels. There are also some advanced options given under the ‘Advanced Settings’ area which you can use. Once you are done with it save it by clicking the blue Save button.

Adding Image To Slideshow In Meta Slider

Adding Image To Slideshow In Meta Slider

Note, to remove any slide image, move your mouse over that image. Then you will see a square area with a cross sign in red color, simply click it to remove the slide. You can also change the slide position by dragging a slide up or down.
Removing Images From Slideshow In Meta Slider

Removing Images From Slideshow In Meta Slider

To perform dragging, move your mouse over a slide image, the mouse pointer changes to a four arrow structure, hold the left mouse left button down. Now move the mouse up or down to start dragging and changing the position of the slide.

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Adding Meta Slider to your Page

Just copy the shortcode of the created slideshow, which is given under Usage heading, and paste it in your any page to show stunning slider effects.

Using Meta Slider With Shortcode

Using Meta Slider With Shortcode

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