Tutorial – WooCommerce Emails Settings and Customization

Tutorial – WooCommerce Emails Settings and Customization

This settings tells WooCommerce when and how emails have to be send to the buyers. From here shop owners can also Customize WooCommerce Emails to the feel and look of their store.

Email Sender Options provide you to set From Name and From Email Address for these emails.

Email Template provide you to –

  • Add Header Image
  • Put Email Footer Text
  • Set the Base, Background, Email Body Background & Email Body Text Colors for the emails.
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WooCommerce provides options to customize emails for –

  • New order
  • Cancelled order
  • Processing order
  • Completed order
  • Refunded order
  • Customer invoice
  • Customer note
  • Reset password
  • New password
woocommerce emails

WooCommerce Emails Settings Screen

Important – Make sure you give your customers a perfect checkout experience. The WooCommerce Checkout Settings area is the place to do your checkout settings of your online store.

You can tweak the content of the email type like –

  • Whether the email is to be send or not.
  • Email Subject
  • Email Heading
  • Email Type (HTML, Plain, Multipart).
Default WooCommerce Emails

Default WooCommerce Emails

Customize WooCommerce Emails by Overriding Email Templates

WooCommerce allows to customize the email even further by copying the relevant file into your theme. For example to override New Order email, copy the admin-new-order.php file (located in plugins/woocommerce/emails) to yourtheme/woocommerce/emails/admin-new-order.php, and do the customization in these files.

Is your website slow? There is a plugin called W3 Total Cache that will help you to solve this problem within minutes.

In the same way you can create WooCommerce Custom Email for other email types also.

Customized WooCommerce Emails

Customized WooCommerce Emails

WooCommerce Settings Tutorials

Below are the WooCommerce Settings tutorials which will help you to do various setting in your Website.

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