Tutorial – WooCommerce Accounts Settings

Tutorial – WooCommerce Accounts Settings

This setting let WooCommerce know where to send buyers when they access the different pages of your eCommerce website.

My Account Page

It can be selected from the dropdown list control. This page will be shown by WooCommerce to your customer when they click My Account page in your store.

Suppose you don’t have your own products to list in WooCommerce, in such a case you can list WooCommerce External Products and earn commission by leading their sales.

My Account Endpoints

It provide option to append specified text to the URL in order to handle specific actions on the accounts pages.

Following can be specified
  • View Order
  • Edit Account
  • Edit Address
  • Lost Password
  • Logout

Registration Options

It provide options to Enable Registration and Account Creation fields.

Enable Registration field options are –

  • Enable registration on the “Checkout” page
  • Enable registration on the “My Account” page
  • Display returning customer login reminder on the “Checkout” page
Also you should make sure that you have done your WooCommerce General Settings correctly. The general settings includes choosing your currency from USD, Pound, Euro, etc, base location, selling location, and other important things.

Account Creation

The field options are –

  • Automatically generate username from customer email
  • Automatically generate customer password
woocommerce accounts settings
You should give your customers a perfect experience when they do the checkout. The WooCommerce Checkout Settings area is the place to do these checkout settings of your online store.

WooCommerce Settings Tutorials

Below are the WooCommerce Settings tutorials which will help you to do various setting in your Website.

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