How to do WordPress Settings In your Site?

How to do WordPress Settings In your Site?

All web hosting come with One Click WordPress Setup for the domain. After the WordPress setup is completed you can log on to the WordPress Dashboard and start building your website in the way you want. Here I will discuss the Settings area where important settings can be controlled and managed.

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WordPress Settings

WordPress Settings is divided into 6 parts which are described below–

  • 1. General – In WordPress General Settings we can set Site Title, ‘Tagline’, ‘email address’, ‘Time Format’, ‘Date Format’ and other general fields of WordPress website.
  • 2. Writing – In the WordPress Writing Settings, information like Post via e-mail, ‘automatic notification to services’, ‘Default Post Format’ and ‘Formatting’ can be set.
  • 3. Reading – WordPress Reading Settings is an important area where we can set Front page, ‘no of blogs per page’, ‘Syndication feeds’ and ‘Search Engine Visibility’. These setting affect the look and feel of your WordPress website.
  • 4. Discussion – WordPress Discussion Settings affect the user engagement in your website. Here you can set Default article settings, ’comment settings’, ‘Email me settings’, ‘Avatars’, ‘Comment Settings’ and more.
  • 5. Media – WordPress Media Settings affect the images size in the WordPress website. Here you can set the thumbnail, medium and large sizes of each images uploaded in the website.
  • 6. Permalinks – another important setting is the WordPress Permalinks Settings which affects the WordPress URL structure of the website. Though this we can Change WordPress Url structure of pages, post, products and other things. The URL structure affects the SEO rankings of the website so it is important that you select the best URL structure of your website.

Some Important Tutorials:

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