How to set External Products and Affiliates in WooCommerce?

How to set External Products and Affiliates in WooCommerce?

WooCommerce helps you to list External/affiliate products in your WordPress website. Although these products are displayed in your website, but people will purchase them on another website. This is because, against these products, a Buy product button will be shown. On clicking this button the user will be taken to an external website where they can purchase the products.

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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the great way to make good income by listing affiliate products, like that of amazon, ebay, etc, on your website. The benefit of affiliate products is that the external website, (whose products you list), take care of shipping, inventory and tax, while you simply earn commission on each product your website helps in selling.

Amazon and eBay encourages website owners to do affiliate marketing of their products. They keep track of every customer your website sends to them. So that when a sale is made, by the customer which is sent by your website, you get commission, typically from 4% to 15%.

Listing WooCommerce External/Affiliate Product

Follow the steps to add an affiliate product in WooCommerce:

  • 1. On the WordPress dashboard, click Add Product link.
  • 2. Give your product name and description.
    Adding External/Affiliate Product in WooCommerce

    Adding External/Affiliate Product in WooCommerce

  • 3. On the right sidebar, give your product some category, add product tags, select featured image and add product gallery images.
  • 4. Now the main part – On the Product Data section, select Product Type as External/Affiliate product. For the Product URL field, add the URL of external website or affiliate website from where people can purchase the product.
    Affiliate/External Product Settings in WooCommerce

    Affiliate/External Product Settings in WooCommerce

  • 5. Enter the regular price.
  • 6. Finally click the Publish button to save everything you have set.
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This will list the external/affiliate product in your website.

This product will have a Buy product button, on clicking this button, customers will be taken to the external/affiliate website for making the purchase.

External/Affiliate Product with Buy Product Button

External/Affiliate Product with Buy Product Button

WordPress developers must also know how to create WordPress Shortcode which help the common users to add great features from the dashboard itself.

Thus in this way you can list unlimited affiliate and external products in your website and earn good commission from affiliate marketing.

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