Tutorial with Images – Rotate, Scale, Flip and Crop Image in Your WordPress Site Easily

Tutorial with Images – Rotate, Scale, Flip and Crop Image in Your WordPress Site Easily

Image editing can be easily done in your WordPress site itself. Yes I mean cropping, rotating, scaling it’s size, and flipping it horizontally or vertically. This simply means you don’t need any external image editing tools to do the job and also this feature is completely free to use.

If you are just starting with WordPress then check this Beginner’s Guide to WordPress. It will help you get started with WordPress quickly.

This article will explain you all of WordPress Image Editing features in simple steps. Let us start by uploading an image file from the Media > Add New section of WordPress.

upload image in wordpress
You will find all Uploaded images in WordPress Media Library

Once the image is uploaded, go to the Media section (Media Library), and click on the image.

wordpress media library

On the attachment window that opens, click the Edit Image button.

You can also create Image Slides in your WordPress site using Meta Slider plugin. It is a free plugin used by millions of WordPress site’s owners.
edit image button in wordpress

The image will open for editing and we can now use the rotate, scale, flip and crop image functions.

rotate scale flip and crop image in wordpress

Crop Image in WordPress

To Crop Image in WordPress hold down the left mouse button on the image and move the mouse to a different position then release the left mouse button to create a Crop Area.

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Now click the ‘Crop’ button to crop the image. Finally Click the ‘Save” button which will override the old image with this newly cropped image.

crop image button in wordpress
Crop Area can be dragged and resized using the mouse.

Flip Image in WordPress

You can Flip Image in both vertical and horizontal directions. Use the flip buttons for doing this job.

Flipping will create the mirror-reversal of the image across a vertical or horizontal axis.

This is how the image will look when flipped horizontally.

horizontal flip image

And when flipping is done in vertical manner.

vertical flip image

Rotate Image in WordPress

You can easily rotate Images in WordPress in both counter-clockwise and clockwise directions. The rotate buttons are provided for this job.

rotate image in clockwise direction
rotate image in counter clockwise direction

Scale Image in WordPress

On the right size you will find the Scale Image options. From here you can scale (resize) your image. Note that you can only make the image size smaller and not larger.

scale image in wordpress

If you then change the width you will notice that the height will adjust automatically and proportionally. This is also the same case when changing the height.


Pretty handy image editing features right? With WordPress you don’t have to depend on other image editing tools. If you somehow did something wrong then you have the Undo and Redo buttons too.

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