Creating WordPress Image Gallery with Easy Media Plugin

Creating WordPress Image Gallery with Easy Media Plugin

Easy Media WordPress Plugin also known as Gallery – Photo Albums – Portfolio provides an easy way to display powerful WordPress Slideshow. It creates multiple images, videos, audios, links, google maps galleries, and also provide different jQuery animation effects to them.

Through this plugin you can embed videos from youtube, vimeo, metacafe, etc, to your Galleries. It comes in both paid and free versions, but the best part of it is that the free version is sufficient for doing most of your work.

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First download the zip file from Easy Media Gallery, then extract this zip file in the WordPress website’s plugins folder. Next, activate it from the plugins area of the WordPress dashboard.

Alternatively, you can also install it by going to Plugins > Add New in the dashboard, then click the Upload link and select the zip file from the Browse… button.

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Then click ‘Install Now’ button and finally click the ‘activate’ link. On activation you will see Easy Media link in your WordPress dashboard. This is shown in the image below:

Installing Easy Media WordOress Plugin

Installing Easy Media WordPress Plugin

Creating Image Gallery

To create an Image Gallery, in the WordPress, go to Easy Media then click ‘Add New Media’. ‘Easy Media Item’ page will open up and ask you to enter some details.

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Give it a title, select Media Type as Multiple Images (Slider), and click ‘Add Images’ button to add all images to this image gallery. Turn Use information of each image ON by clicking the OFF button. Finally click the Save Media button to create and publish it. Check the below images with explain it:

Add New Media

Add New Media


Creating Image Gallery

Creating Image Gallery

Inserting Image Gallery in the Page

To insert this image gallery in any of your WordPress page or post, simple edit the page and click Easy Media Gallery button. Then click the Select Gallery control and you will see your recently created image gallery.

Select it and click Insert Shortcode button at the bottom. Click update button to save the page. View the page in the browser and see how your Easy Mediaimage gallery looks. Check the images below which illustrates this:

Adding Image Gallery in Your Page

Adding Image Gallery in Your Page


Selecting the Gallery

Selecting the Gallery

Note that you can control the number of images in a row by setting the Thumbnail Size, which is given under STYLE OPTIONS, in the easy media settings page.

Smaller the width of the thumbnail size more images will comes in a row. Similarly, larger the width of the thumbnail size less images will be there in a row.

Check the 3 images below to understand it:

Setting Thumbnail Size of Images


How Image Gallery Looks in the Page


Images Pop-Out On Clicking

Creating Video Gallery

For creating a Video Gallery go to ‘Easy Media’ then click ‘Add New Media’. Enter title then click ‘+ Add New Category’, put ‘Video’ or any name, then click Add New Category button to create the category.

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Grouping Media with Categories

Grouping Media with Categories

The purpose of adding a category is to group the ‘Easy Media’ gallery items together. In the Media Type option, select ‘Video’. Then in the Video URL, enter the URL of the video page. For example if you are putting the video from youtube or vimeo, go to the video page and copy the URL and paste it here.

In ‘Image URL’ add the URL of the image. If the image is already added to your WordPress then you can select it by clicking the ‘Add Media’ button below. If the image is in the external website then you can just provide its URL here.

For example in case of Youtube videos you can get their image URL as shown below –

Default video image is:

High quality version of the image:

Medium quality version of the image:

Standard definition version of the image:

Maximum resolution version of image:

The video id is given in the URL of the video. For example if the video URL is then the video id is EfztUvOlwPw(i.e. the text coming after ‘=’ sign).

So you can get the default image URL for this video as

Finally click Save Media to save and publish it.

Try adding about 5 videos more from youtube, remember to group them in the same category like here I have selected category as ‘Video’ for each of these five videos.

Inserting Video Gallery in the Page

To insert the Video Gallery in a page just edit the page. The click Easy Media Gallery button, then click Basic Album, Media & Categories.

For the ‘Order media by’ option, select Category. You will see Choose a category option where you have to select the category with which you grouped your videos. Like here I have selected ‘Video’.

Click Insert Shortcode and click ‘Update’ button to save the changes. You can view how your view gallery looks by opening the page in the browser. In the same way grouping media by categories can also be used to create galleries comprising of both videos and images.

Inserting Video Gallery in Page


How Video Gallery Looks in Page


Video Pop-out on Clicking

To set the number of Media items/columns per row, go to Easy Media > Settings, then click ‘GENERAL’ and set the ‘Columns’ field. Finally click the ‘Save Changes’ button.

In this way you can create various types of WordPress Image and Video Gallery with this Plugin.

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